The Moment My Life Changed Forever

Something seems off. Different.

I’m running a bit late. Could it be?

NO!… I’m probably just stressed. Yeah that’s probably it!

Did the month end already? Oh shoot! I guess I’m catching a break. I’ll be back to normal next month.

ORRR.. Noooo! I can’t be! I would know. I mean, I did technically have a light flow. I’m just being paranoid.

I don’t feel so good, I hope I’m not getting sick.  Everyone around me is getting sick.

Its official I must have caught the bug. I feel queasy and not really hungry.

The last thing I need is the good ol’ Aunt flow.  Was she supposed to visit this week? Next week? I can’t remember. I’ll check my calendar after I have my coffee.

UGH YUCK! THIS COFFEE SUCKS. I’ll have water instead.

Man I just can’t shake off this bug. Soup is the only thing I can stand.

UGH! *gags* OH MY GOD! WHAT IS THAT GUY SMOKING? *Gags* What the…

Holyshitholyshitholyshit. Is it possible?!!!!

Okay pee on this stick okay wait a loooong 3 minutes. okay 1 line means not pregnant two lines means pregnant.

Has it been 3 minutes? What the hell is taking so long?  okay 1 line… OHHHHH……..


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