Awesome Things Today & Every Day

To me, happiness is everywhere. I find myself happy about moments, things, people and places. Its a circle. Yes, think Lion King. circllleee of lyfffeee.  Side note- how do we feel about Beyonce as Nala? Anyways, I digress…..

I recently saw Every Brilliant Thing – an emotionally packed one man show about a list of  brilliant things created as a gift for his depressed mother. It made me laugh, it tugged at my heart strings. If you haven’t checked it out I highly recommend it. You can find the trailer here.

Please share this with everyone from those who could use a chuckle to those whose spirits could be lifted by having some awesome in their lives.

Here is a small list I hope you’ll make your own list and share that as well- In no particular order:

Bubble Wrap.

Feel the bubbles across your fingers? Pop. Pop. Enough said.

My baby’s laughter.

And I can stay in that moment forever.

The moment the wheels on an airplane hit the ground. 

There’s a sense of relief, of excitement. You’ve arrived at your destination. Be it a new adventure or home sweet home.

A warm beverage on a cold day.

Top that off with a book- Ah-may-zinnng!

Hearing people speak a different language.

oh and accents. They range from cute to did it just get hot in here?

Daydreaming…. about... Fuzzy Socks. Cake. Any kinds of cake. The feeling of sand in between my toes.

How terrible Spanish soap operas are. PORQUEEEE?!

and yet they remind me of my childhood family time at 6.

This show and this GIF cause you know- bookends. 











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