New Mama In Town? Consider Gifting Her One Of These Items At Her Baby Shower!

There are tons of posts out there about baby shower gifts, I know…. I wanted to make a list of items that are thoughtful, useful and typically not seen at baby showers.

Take a gander and without further ado…

Earth Mama Belly Cream & Herbal Hug Nappy Rash Cream

Why this gift is Awesome!

  • Baby Showers tend to focus solely on the baby and of course its only natural. Its super fun to shop for cute little onesies as opposed to nipple cream. This duo gift shows you understand that both Mama and baby need some TLC.
  • Real talk – Rashes are inevitable. The Nappy Rash cream has a total of 7 ingredients with explanations as to what purpose each ingredient serves.  Oh and its scent and chemical free.
  • Belly cream smells divine of primrose and lavender, which helps with stretch marks, promotes sleep and can be used for perineal massage. Did I mention that it is natural?


Baby’s First Personalized Stuffed Animal

Why this gift is Sweet!

  • For those parents who know what they want to name their baby – you may get an emotional response from Mama seeing baby’s name on a toy. I know I did!
  • The teddy bear will stand out in the nursery.
  • Baby will love playing with it!


Gift Cards

Why this gift is practical!

  • This isn’t a cop out I swear! Gift cards ensure parents get what they need when they need it. As a new parent you rarely have time to cook which is why “take-out” gift cards are so helpful. Split how much you want to spend between a gift card for baby and one for the family and you’ll see how beneficial it is.


Monthly Stickers & Baby’s Handprint 

Why this gift is Sentimental!

  • Monthly traditions are awesome. We personally bake a new cake every month and look forward to her monthly picture.  Its mind-blowing to see how quickly babies grow in their first year. The hand print kit will be sure to have a story attached to it of whether baby was cooperative or not.
  • In both cases you have helped create memories that will be kept for a lifetime.


Nose Frida & Nail Frida

Why this gift is useful!

  • Baby’s nose always seems to be clogged? Nose Frida to the rescue! Unlike traditional bulb aspirators, parents can quite literally suck the snot out of baby’s nose thereby providing instant relief. Don’t worry there’s a filter that traps the pesky snot. Call me weird but I always feel a sense of accomplishment whenever I would see the caught boogers in the nose frida. YESS ! I saw- I came- I conquered!
  • Its easy to use and clean. Double winning.
  • Get the Nail frida too cause you know baby’s nails grow super quick.


So there you have it! What would you add?

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