How My Life Changed Forever When I Became A Dad

You’re counting down the days until you become a Dad, the moment your life changes forever! Nothing can prepare you when you embark into Fatherhood. I repeat, NOTHING!

In the months leading up to my Daughters birth, family and friends kept trying to prepare me for Fatherhood by telling me the same overused phrases: “Say goodbye to your social life!” or “Get plenty of sleep now, because soon you’ll be wishing you could!”

Then the thought hit me, of how unqualified I was for the job. I questioned my ability to care for a child, and my worthiness, every step of the way. What am I supposed to do? What did my Dad do? What did my Wife’s Dad do? What do Dads do? Where is the instruction manual?”

I also became intimidated and frustrated by my gender limitations. I was not able to  breastfeed, but I helped my Wife get comfortable while she fed the Baby. Especially, during those 2 A.M. feedings! When I went out to do anything, I constantly had my Wife and Daughter on my mind. Thus, resulting in a sense of guilt.

When my Daughter was born, I adopted a new and improved version of being cool! Gone are the days of being an “Average Joe”. I will now be forever seen by all as a Dad! Partnered with my beautiful Wife, I can actually do this!

The sports I used to play will eventually become the sports I will teach my Daughter. That overpriced latte on my desk in the morning will be replaced by work coffee in a mug that reads “I love you Daddy or Number 1 Dad.”

Honestly, I do not even mind the changes, the sleepless nights and the lack of a social life because the biggest change is my biggest reward. My Daughter.


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