Dad Bod Is Real!

I have a Dad bod!

I am a man who is not incredibly chiseled, but at the same time, is not unhealthy.

I am not overweight.

I am that guy who played soccer in high school and went to college and didn’t play any sports. I might of had a few too many slices of pizza, or a few to many Chinese dumplings, and ended up with a little bit of squish on top of my muscle.

It’s a healthy body.

It’s a boy-next-door look. I am the kind of person you go on a hike with, and then at the end of the day, I eat pasta and lay in bed and watch a movie.

The Dad bod says, ‘I work-out occasionally, but I also eat heavily on the weekends and enjoy eating ten slices of pizza at a time’.

So if you’ve got a Dad bod, should you shame yourself? Should you transform your entire life to become that dude who hits the beach with a tuned-up body? Fuck, no. One, my wife finds me and my gut pretty sexy as it is, and she is also into me for something a little beyond my looks.

I am a Dad, and I have literally nobody to answer to when it comes to not being shredded. Who’s going to criticize a man who can’t find time to hit the gym obsessively and raise a child at the same time? No shame in having a Dad bod or being comfortable in your own skin.

Dads fucking rule!


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