The Funniest Pick Up Line Ever Said To Me

Before my husband, I didn’t really have too much of a dating life. In that time, I heard some ridiculous, downright dumb, borderline offensive pick up lines.

Fast forward a couple of years, and here I am talking to a smoking hot man thinking no way am I this guy’s type. I had zero expectations that this would lead to anything. In fact, I expected to become the person that he would come to for advice when he had lady problems.

We talked and talked and then out of nowhere he says:

“You’re like the Amazon Jungle, I never know what I’m going to discover next”

My wheels started spinning.

Okay. Wait. What just happened? I’m What?!

Is he serious? Should I laugh? Omg. No. What if I laugh and he is serious?

Say Something… He’s waiting…..

So what did I do? I turned red and started laughing.

Months later when I eventually started dating the guy I asked him, was that supposed to be a pick up line and he responded.

“Of course. I was serious, I still believe it now and I’ll always believe it”

Fast forward some more time, I married the guy and started a family with him.

What was the funniest pick up line someone has ever said to you?


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