A Letter To My 6 Month Old Daughter

Dear Daddy’s Girl,

I can’t quite believe it! In many ways the past six months have whizzed by at a scary speed. Sometimes I feel like I blink and you’ve changed right there in front of me.

I‘ll never forget the first day Mommy and I brought you home from the hospital. You were so teeny tiny, remember? I was afraid to get you out of the car seat. I was panicking about walking you up the stairs to your new home.

Mommy and I were like, “Alright, we’re a family of three now. We’ve got this.” Of course, we really had no idea what we were doing. I sure had no idea what I was doing or what being a Dad truly meant. My! How quickly things have changed.

You are solid, with chunky, strong thighs and a firm grip. You like to bash things and grab things and ram anything and everything (including my face) into your mouth. Your number one favourite thing in the whole world is to be cuddled. You’re an incredibly sociable little thing, gurgling and grinning. 

At six months, you’re as eager as ever to get moving and get frustrated when you can’t reach things, letting out a yelp of irritation. Your little legs never stop kicking – you love it when you’re held by me so you can bounce and stand. Even when you are sleeping you wave your arms and kick your legs – often waking yourself up.

I hope when you’re able to read this letter, years down the road, you will smile, and know that the day you were born was the happiest day of my life. And my first 6 months as a Dad has been my greatest adventure!

Happy 6 months sweetheart!

Mommy and Daddy love you very VERY much!

Te amo,



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