The Sleeping Genie

Have you heard the story about the sleeping genie?

No?.. okay the story goes like this:

When the baby falls asleep a genie appears.


The genie offers you three choices. You can choose to write, to clean or to sleep uninterrupted. The choice must be made quickly as you only have a limited amount of time.

The catch?

You must do these tasks quietly. If you fail to choose quickly the genie disappears and the baby wakes up instantly. The genie also knows if you are trying to cheat by attempting to make two choices in the same amount of time therefore resulting in- you guessed it, the baby waking up instantly.

I’ve come to enjoy my brief encounters with the genie using the time as effectively as possible.

Lately I’m playing russian roulette deciding at random what choice to make once the choices are presented to me. Its a gamble sometimes, most times I regret not choosing sleep more often but hey hakuna matata right?

I’ll be seeing the genie again soon enough.

Have you met the sleeping genie? What choices have you been offered? Let us know in the comments!


2 thoughts on “The Sleeping Genie

  1. Love the genie, especially when one of my choices is getting to eat lunch! Not so thrilled when my only option is role playing PJ Masks with my son, where I get to be a villain and he’s some questionable form of…something that isn’t actually a PJ Mask that will nevertheless destroy me, make weird sounds, and demand a rematch.

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