Why It’s Important To Travel With Your Partner Before Marriage

Growing up, travel wasn’t done very often and when our family got around to traveling we always went to visit family. The notion of travelling somewhere where there wouldn’t be a family member waiting for us at the airport was unheard of.

Whenever we traveled it served a purpose. Either to visit a sick relative, to handle some business in the homeland, or to spend time with my grandparents. We never took a tour or booked a hotel and we never stepped out of our comfort zone.

My family came to this country out of necessity so the idea of me wanting to explore other parts of it for the fun of it was puzzling. Why would I want to leave to go somewhere where I don’t speak the language thereby risking my safety?

It took some time but soon enough I was travelling to places where the purpose was to explore, learn and have fun even if that meant getting lost.

Traveling with a companion be it a friend or a partner will either strengthen your bond with that person or it will break it down. Travel is a balance of detailed planning which requires compromise. Some people like to go with the flow others like to have every single moment planned. Patience and adaptability are also necessary when things don’t always go according to plan. When you travel with the right person you’ll know because it will be effortless and enjoyable. Missing a flight or train will be crappy but you’ll look back on it and laugh. You’ll look forward to your new adventures together and reminisce fondly on past trips. When you don’t it will be draining and frustrating with alarm bells ringing so loud you can’t ignore it.

If you are anxious about traveling with a partner for fear that any underlying problems will come forward think that eventually those problems if they are actually there will catch up to you. Take the plunge you could be pleasantly surprised. I knew I was going to marry my husband after we took our first trip because we would grow together in travel. Now that we have our daughter we are so thrilled to explore the world with her thus creating memories we will all look back on years from now.


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