5 Things All Those Close With Their Siblings Know To Be True

I’ve been meaning to write a post about the sibling bond and what better day to explore that than national siblings day! Going down memory lane brought me to the following five points. And so, Ode to siblings!

Babysitters? Pfft you got each other

My sister is 5 years older than me so we always took care of each other.  Our parents worked a lot. We didn’t always see eye to eye growing up but as time passed being left alone became more enjoyable and less of a chore.

What’s mine is yours. 

No matter the age gap, you know you grew up sharing stuff. I inherited some of my older sibling’s hand me downs. My husband still “borrows” his younger brothers shoes. We both shared a room and a bed with our siblings we even had the bunk bed phase. So yeah sharing is second nature to us.

Cover for me

Shenanigans are a rite of passage. Having a sibling means that at some point or another you have been asked to keep a secret or been picked up from the “library” When the sibling code gets invoked, compliance follows suit.

I want you to meet…

My sister has always been the litmus test with guys I’ve gone out with and vice versa. Before even considering introducing someone to the family that person had to meet my sister first. I always fondly remember how nervous my husband was to meet my sister and brother in law. Meeting my future in-laws was cake, meeting my future brother in law was super nerve-wracking.

Arranged Sisterhood

Our parents pronounced us big sister and little sister. Where one goes the other shall follow. At first my sister DESPISED this. Then something changed.. I went from being the little sister to one of the girls. We were always together.  Time flies, now we are both married with children but that doesn’t stop us. We each make an effort to see each other regularly and chat daily.

I love you big sis.






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