Why I Unintentionally Took A Blogging Break

I wrote this post in my head a thousand times before I finally decided to take the plunge and actually write it out.

In my head, I would try to explain why it has taken me so long to come back and how it happened. Honestly, It happened slowly, missed one day of blogging, okay no worries, I’ll blog tomorrow. Then 2 days had passed, then a week. As the days continued passing I kept hearing that nagging voice. I hate that voice.

“Why you stressing about blogging no one will notice you are gone.”

Why did you even start a blog? You aren’t an expert and have nothing to offer. There are already so many successful blogs out there.

Look at how much time has passed, you have lost all trust and creditability that you’ll stick around this time.

The inner voice had won. Defeated, I tried to move on. But there was a gnawing feeling within me that didn’t feel right. I just felt embarrassed at my failure.

One day while watching my daughter play it hit me. Honestly, I’m her parent but I feel like she’s showing me the way. I observed her pull herself up to stand and in a split second, she decided to let go. She stood on her own for a second maybe two before falling on her bum only to pull herself up again.

Staring at her in amazement in those few seconds made me realize that I not only want to continue writing, I need to. I will learn from this hiatus to make Lyfe Unpacked better.

So how do I plan to achieve this?


  • We tried to post daily but couldn’t keep up with the daily demands of life, work, and our other interests beyond this blog. AKA no Bueno for nobody.
  • To remedy this, we will be posting twice a week. One post from me on Tuesdays starting with this one and one post from Mikey on Thursdays.


  • I used to planned posts in advance on and off but it’s necessary to have a plan in motion when writer’s block tries to get the best of us, when we get sick or when we finally decide to take a vacation.
  • This time around posts will be planned in advance to get you a sneak preview of what’s to come and more importantly to be prepared when things happen and you aren’t wondering W5H. Ain’t nobody got time for that.


  • We like comments, we want conversations but I’m still figuring out how to open it up to you guys without sounding super cliche or forced. I’ll be working on this but let me just put this out there, we welcome and appreciate comments.
  • In that vein, we will also be commenting more on your blogs. I’ve tried but I know I can do better and I will do better.


  • I recently listened to the Jay-Z episode on Oprah’s Masterclass podcast and something he said struck a chord with me. He said I haven’t figured out how to learn from success but I have learned a lot from failure.

So there you have it, I’m sorry for the sudden departure. I hope you’ll be willing to take another chance on us and stick around or if you are reading our blog for the first time be interested in following the journey.

Till next time,


Lyfe Unpacked

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