Old MacDonald Had A Farm….

There’s a reason that “Old MacDonald” is the most beloved song for babies and toddlers. Children love animals. But your little one’s unlikely to cross paths with too many different species besides dogs and cats (and the occasional mouse) in his or hers everyday life. Your best bet for animal education is to go on a family outing to a Zoo near you!

Flash cards and books are great learning and development tools for babies. But nothing beats the real deal, real life experiences which they can take in. There’s lots to do around the Zoo that will make an excellent learning journey and create plenty of great memories for your little one.

A trip to the Zoo is quite easy and convenient. Sure, you could push your baby around in the stroller, but she isn’t going to be able to see anything from in there! Zoo enclosures usually are taller than most stroller seats, so if you wear your baby, she can see all the animals!

Overall, my daughter had an awesome time looking at the animals in their enclosures. It was a very engaging experience for her. I loved how her eyes would open wide with wonder as she looked at the animals move around, eat, or interact.

The Zoo is also a great way to bond with your child, and get some sunshine, fresh air and exercise.

What other places of interest have you taken your baby or toddler to? Do share 🙂

black chimpanzee smiling

Children learn to smile from their parents

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