Daily Rituals: Part 1- Coffee

I’m gonna come out and say it- I am NOT a morning person by choice.

So, of course, I was blessed with a child who loves to wake up early.

It starts off quietly. I hear some movement and I whisper to myself oh please no. Then I hear umgedigadigo... I think to myself – Okay ignore her maybe she’ll fall back asleep. Then I hear ohhh and either a hand on my face or a cry to go get her. And with that my day has started.

Sound familiar? Let’s move on shall we?

Puts on Keurig. Needs more water. Ugh, why does it always need more water?! Right because I use it all the time. 

In a matter of minutes, my coffee is brewed, hot and ready.

First sip, ahh the elixir of life.

Hey Google, tell me the latest news.

Here is the latest news…

My daughter enjoys breakfast while I attempt to finish my whole cup of coffee but of course, I don’t always get to finish it. In fact, most days I don’t, I probably get maybe 5 sips in tops before we move on to the next thing. It’s become a daily game I play of Will she or won’t she? How many sips does it take to get the bottom of the cup?

So why do I do it?


Not because I can’t survive without it, I get a headache without it although I would be lying if these didn’t feel true most mornings. But rather because it is one of the things I did daily before I became a mom and that I still enjoy doing now even if I can’t enjoy it as leisurely as I used to.

The act of preparing a coffee, drinking a coffee, has become a tiny ritual among many that I savour. Before we had the baby, my husband and I would always look for little indie coffee shops and tried a different one in our area each time. Whenever we would travel somewhere new, the same thing. It’s a little thing but it doesn’t take a lot to inject some joy into life.

So with that, I give you- Ode to Coffee. Next week, I’ll go into Part 2 of Daily Rituals- Getting Fresh Air.

Enough about me- What do you like to do a latte? See what I did there?

Okay last one and I bean it this time 🙂

Have a brewtiful day!



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