Buon Appetito?

I grew up eating a lot of pasta that my mother made from scratch. I always loved it and I have fond memories of eating it. My wonderful wife made me pasta with my mothers recipe for the first few months of our marriage. Eventually she found her own recipes and converted it in her own way.

Never compare your wife’s cooking with your mother’s. Even if your mother is a culinary queen. That is the biggest mistake you can make.

There is nothing like simply comparing. Newsflash. You are committing a serious sin! Golden rule is, the words mother, cooking, and great should never appear in any sentence to your wife. Ever.

Do not ever refuse food. Bad call. Do not strike, even if you have fought and your appetite has gone south. Even if you suspect that she has done something freaky to your pasta. Simply say grace, share the chow with her, and you are covered.

Never criticise her cooking. Unless you are spoiling for your last supper. Your wife spent hours burning her fingers, while you spent lifetimes zzz-ing on your couch. Dude, the least you can do is appreciate.

Do not pass on her food, arguing that, for instance, you have eaten at so-and-so’s. Always leave some space in your stomach for her grub.

How would you feel if she came home bragging how she had enjoyed watching your favourite television show elsewhere? You would feel cheated? That is what I thought. Same script, different cast. Okay, almost same script.

Reality check. Your wife is bringing consecrated clout to the table.

Say, Thanks, after eating. And mean it. This good thing that gets you godly favours deserves a standing ovation. The attitude of gratitude will get you more game. Trust me.

(Psst. Men, these tips also apply to your sex life).

animal ape banana cute

When life gives you the blues, have a banana! 

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