Daily Rituals- Part 2: Getting Fresh Air

If I don’t get out of the house every day I feel stuffy. This became especially true when I became a mom. For my sake and my daughter’s rain or shine, we try to get out even if it’s for a walk around the block. She loves to observe people and the world around her. Me, I love observing her observe everything and anything. I usually signal walk time with some sort of variation of the following:

What time is it?

It’s time for our walk.

You ready for our walk?

Okay, let’s go for a walk!

This little speech is met by yeah  ( or what I interpret as yeah, it could Dah) and a smirk.

Bottle? Check. Snacks? Check. Teethers/ Toys? Check and check. Pre-packed diaper bag? Super check!

And off we go.

Most walks don’t have a destination or itinerary. We’re open to whatever possibilities present themselves. I try to take a different route each time or try to end up somewhere new to keep it interesting for both of us. Creating little traditions with your children doesn’t require a lot they just require you to be present. That presence is gold to them, I always feel an immense bout of gratitude whenever we lock eyes on our walk. My hope is that one day she’ll look back and remember our little rituals fondly.  Savour these moments, today they are 1 or 2 or 12 tomorrow they’re 21 or 31 creating rituals with their own children.

3 thoughts on “Daily Rituals- Part 2: Getting Fresh Air

  1. Walks are so much fun! We’re still in the middle of a hot summer, but I’m perhaps looking too optimistically at the cooler weather fall usually brings so I can take my kids out again. It really is all about the little rituals, the daily things that can make a child’s eyes light up.

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      • That’s a good question! I’ve never really thought of them before and I always try to mix things up every day, so we probably have a bunch, but I don’t know what they are. Though my oldest is very much a schedule person, so we have alarms for things like snack time and naptime. As soon as he hears it, he perks up and knows exactly what comes next and what to do.

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