Italian Food Without The Meatballs

This year, my wife and I decided to go Vegan. We decided to go vegan or plant-based for various reasons, but mainly for the animals, to help stop climate change, be a role-model for our daughter and to improve and maintain our wellbeing.

Our dietary requirements were tricky at first, as we did not want to miss out on authentic food experiences and eating the cuisines we love. At our household, Italian inspired dishes are mainly the cuisine of choice.

You might think that Italian cuisine, famous for pizza and pasta, won’t have plant-based options. However, this is actually not the case, as Italian cuisine has a treasure trove of plant-based options. Vegan Pizza, lentils soup with tasty vegetables, pasta al Pomodoro (pasta with tomato) and Spaghetti Aglio (spaghetti with olive oil), are some of our yummy favourites!

Italian cuisine is great for vegans because there are naturally so many plant-based options. It’s also easy to replace dairy or meat in so many delicious dishes. One thing to keep in mind is that Italian cuisine varies from one region to the next with their own plant-based options.

Traditional authentic Italian food is mostly a plant-based cuisine, compared to what you’ll find from the exported version that’s served in Italian restaurants in North America.

The Italian regions from the south, animal products are used rarely, if at all, in many traditional dishes. And olive oil is used in almost every dish, so you rarely have to worry about butter or meat products.

You can enjoy and create a plant-based Italian cuisine without the meatballs, which have the taste that brings back memories of the family dinners.

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