3 Years Already!?

What, how has this happened, now? My baby girl is 3 years old already. It has been an entire 3 years since those surreal sleepless nights since she entered our lives.

Her arrival followed an on-and-off, feeding which felt like forever at the time – particularly for my brilliant wife. But the subsequent 3 years have absolutely flown by.

But so much has happened in that time. Our cat has grown from a kitten to a cat – who has turned out to be our daughter’s guardian. My daughter went from crawling to running, my wife and I have had monthly date nights and our family has travelled every year to the beautiful Caribbean (more travels to come after Covid-19 is finally over)!

I’ve gone through three jobs in that time too, including making working full-time from home my new normal. We have adjusted our diet for the better and we are working on our daily habits.

I’m so proud of the kid she growing up to be. She’s kind, clever, funny and not afraid to be herself.

So, our daughter is turning 3. Our little lady isn’t so little anymore, figuratively and literally – she’s growing daily and I can’t seem to keep up sometimes.

The last 3 years, although exhausting and incredibly rewarding, has been an absolute privilege and I’m looking forward to many more years to come.

Happy Birthday, young lady!

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