Happy 100th Birthday to My Nonno

I was lucky enough to spend a great deal of time with my grandfather as a young boy. I would now be more than happy to show my grandfather the man I became, the woman I married, his great-daughter and get his opinion on the world I live in. My earliest memories of my grandfather are from when I was just a few years old. 

My grandfather worked hard all his life.  He came to Canada as an immigrant from Southern Italy. The long hours and hard work were necessary to provide for his family. My grandfather was not wealthy by any means, but he always had food on his table and a roof over his family’s heads.

My childhood is filled with precious memories of him. He would pick me up at school, play with me on lazy afternoons, shower me with gifts (which I still have to this day) and I would spend numerous hours with him in his precious garden. He seemed always eager to spend time with me.

Even now, when I think back to those childhood moments with him, I feel very loved and special to him. I wish every child could have that same feeling about their grandparents. I was lucky to have many great years with my grandfather until he passed away when I was young. During those years, he taught me several life lessons that I hope to follow and pass on to my family.

Today I celebrate my grandfather’s memory as 100 years ago he was born to be my nonno.

There is nothing more important than family.

If your grandparents were still alive, how old would they be?

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