Seeds Of Change

This year we decided to start a little garden on our balcony. 

Every morning, we would water our tomato plant, maintain it, and nothing would happen! 

I thought to myself, “Am I giving it enough water?” 

We would check on it another day, and I would think,

 “Is it getting enough sun?”  

Oh man, no sign of life. Did we kill this plant?” 

Soon enough, I would see little flowers come out. A little later, I would see tiny bulbs start to emerge. A few weeks later, those small baby bulbs would grow, become green and slowly change colour. It may seem silly, but that first red tomato we picked felt like an accomplishment, we were proud that we not only kept this plant alive, but it was thriving! It was months before that first tomato. 

I will be the first to admit that I never thought it was possible. For one, it never crossed my mind. I had trouble keeping an orchid alive, nevermind a garden. My expectations for this little venture were low, to say the least.

Reflecting on that experience reminds me that growth is still happening even if we can’t see the growth outright. Change and growth happen slow through consistent action over time. It seems counter-intuitive given our reliance on instant gratification. It’s important to hang in there and keep taking steps in the direction of our goals and whatever habits we want to build.

There will be days where it feels more comfortable not to do the thing when it feels hard to see any gains. When you wonder why bother? Look for the small wins every day. Embrace those small wins, celebrate them and keep moving forward. 

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