Behind Lyfe Unpacked

Oh hey there, we did not see you there. Wassssupppp? (Too much?.. Yeah probably too much).

Welcome to Lyfe Unpacked!

First off, thank you for taking the time to visit our humble website and a double thank you for reading this page. (We are so excited and fan-girl/guy over everyone who visits and comes back to read).

So here’s where we get to the part as to why we started this blog.

Truth be told, Mikey and I don’t get out much lately, due to the new adventure in our lives. Raising our daughter is like learning to live again. She is literally experiencing everything for the first time and it is our job to show her the ropes.

When our child was born, we were also reborn as parents. Still the same us, but now questioning and unpacking life for her one day at a time. Lyfe Unpacked represents us as a married couple, us as a family and us as part of a community, sharing what we have learned thus far. There’s also bound to be some laughs about our cat (our first born child) in true Mikey and Iggy fashion.

If you like what you read, then we invite you to join our community by following our adventures. Our blog will grow with us and is a work in progress. We write about our interests, playfully wanting to constantly question, learn and laugh.

Show us some love and we’ll show the love back! 🙂

Holy Crap, I think we finally wrote our about page!


Mikey & Iggy

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