Reasons I Fail At Sleeping While The Baby Sleeps

“Sleep while the baby sleeps!” Heard that piece of advice before? You’re not alone. It’s one of those well-worn parenting clichés, like “this too shall pass” and “enjoy every moment”. Well, I don’t know about you, but I fail spectacularly at sleeping while the baby sleeps. And there are a number of reasons why… ExcessiveContinue reading “Reasons I Fail At Sleeping While The Baby Sleeps”

The Stages Of Toy Assembly As New Parents

Having children usually means lots and lots of toys around the house. And sometimes those toys aren’t quite ready for children straight out of the packaging. The dreaded words “assembly required” can make any day more stressful than relaxed. Below is a list of “encounters” were sure all new parents have experienced when assembling toysContinue reading “The Stages Of Toy Assembly As New Parents”

A Letter To My 6 Month Old Daughter

Dear Daddy’s Girl, I can’t quite believe it! In many ways the past six months have whizzed by at a scary speed. Sometimes I feel like I blink and you’ve changed right there in front of me. I‘ll never forget the first day Mommy and I brought you home from the hospital. You were soContinue reading “A Letter To My 6 Month Old Daughter”

What I’ve Learned – The Difference Between Being A Father & Being A Dad

I knew I would do anything for my daughter. It was the happiest moment of my life. I began dreaming of all the things I would teach her, not knowing at the time just how much she would teach me. I was thrilled with having a daughter, and I had no plans to let otherContinue reading “What I’ve Learned – The Difference Between Being A Father & Being A Dad”

Do’s & Don’ts When Visiting New Parents

Do  Call in advance to advise you are coming to visit. New parents don’t get out much, so having something to look forward to goes a long way during those first few weeks. Don’t Overstay your welcome. An hour and a half tops! It’s not that we don’t love you but we’re so sleep deprivedContinue reading “Do’s & Don’ts When Visiting New Parents”

All The Pregnant Ladies – Put Your Hands Up!

(A la Beyonce) All the pregnant ladies! All the pregnant ladies.. First off, CONGRATULATIONS!!! You my friend are a fucking WARRIOR! Take a minute to let that sink in… Bask in it… Your body is preparing a remarkable thing and not in the alien popping out of your belly kind of thing. It is strong and resilient. YourContinue reading “All The Pregnant Ladies – Put Your Hands Up!”

New Mama In Town? Consider Gifting Her One Of These Items At Her Baby Shower!

There are tons of posts out there about baby shower gifts, I know…. I wanted to make a list of items that are thoughtful, useful and typically not seen at baby showers. Take a gander and without further ado… Earth Mama Belly Cream & Herbal Hug Nappy Rash Cream Why this gift is Awesome! BabyContinue reading “New Mama In Town? Consider Gifting Her One Of These Items At Her Baby Shower!”

This Just In: A Cure For Par*ent*ing!

We here at Lyfe Unpacked interrupt your regularly scheduled daily activities to provide Breaking News! We have just received word about a new product that is said to be the next big thing for men and women everywhere. Make sure your little ones are in “sleepy-land” before attempting to watch what will be sure toContinue reading “This Just In: A Cure For Par*ent*ing!”

Great Resources All Parents Should Know About!

The road to parenthood is paved with new experiences and tons of questions. Once your little one arrives the questions double. I remember feeling excited to bring baby home however I was missing the security that came with being closely monitored by nurses. Naturally I was anxious to go to our doctor whose calm demeanourContinue reading “Great Resources All Parents Should Know About!”