Zeppole – Traditional Italian Fritters

As with most Saint Day’s in Italy, there is a special sweet treat that my family eats to commemorate the first day of spring. On the first day of spring throughout all of Southern Italy, my family heads to the local Italian bakery to purchase the traditional Zeppole of Saint Giuseppe. Zeppole are donut likeContinue reading “Zeppole – Traditional Italian Fritters”

The Funniest Pick Up Line Ever Said To Me

Before my husband, I didn’t really have too much of a dating life. In that time, I heard some ridiculous, downright dumb, borderline offensive pick up lines. Fast forward a couple of years, and here I am talking to a smoking hot man thinking no way am I this guy’s type. I had zero expectationsContinue reading “The Funniest Pick Up Line Ever Said To Me”

Mikey’s Travels – Egypt – The Gift Of The Nile

In 2015, I went on an adventure to the “Land of the Pharaohs”. I went for the Great Pyramids, but I never wanted to leave thanks to the captivating chaos juxtaposed against gentle days floating down the Nile. Sailing on a traditional Felucca from start to finish, this was the only way to truly step intoContinue reading “Mikey’s Travels – Egypt – The Gift Of The Nile”

Happy Wife, Happy Life?

There are all sorts of antiquated marriage advices out there, but it turns out that there’s one relationship theory that we constantly here: “Happy Wife, Happy Life.” Of course, I want my wife to be happy. I do my best to make sure she is. I do the things I know that please her, and avoidContinue reading “Happy Wife, Happy Life?”

I’m 30 Years Old! Now What?!

I have OFFICIALLY reached the new quarter-life milestone! I just hit the milestone in February. I am married to my soulmate with a baby and I am still very happy with being the typical millennial — possessing all the qualities that my generation are known to possess. As I stared at the mirror in self-pityContinue reading “I’m 30 Years Old! Now What?!”

Awesome Things Today & Every Day

To me, happiness is everywhere. I find myself happy about moments, things, people and places. Its a circle. Yes, think Lion King. circllleee of lyfffeee.  Side note- how do we feel about Beyonce as Nala? Anyways, I digress….. I recently saw Every Brilliant Thing – an emotionally packed one man show about a list of Continue reading “Awesome Things Today & Every Day”