Daily Rituals: Part 1- Coffee

I’m gonna come out and say it- I am NOT a morning person by choice. So, of course, I was blessed with a child who loves to wake up early. It starts off quietly. I hear some movement and I whisper to myself oh please no. Then I hear umgedigadigo… I think to myself – OkayContinue reading “Daily Rituals: Part 1- Coffee”

Why I Unintentionally Took A Blogging Break

I wrote this post in my head a thousand times before I finally decided to take the plunge and actually write it out. In my head, I would try to explain why it has taken me so long to come back and how it happened. Honestly, It happened slowly, missed one day of blogging, okayContinue reading “Why I Unintentionally Took A Blogging Break”

Some People Cope Well With Exhaustion – I Am Not One Of Them

Some people cope well with exhaustion. I am not one of them. Some people get up after a rotten night’s sleep, try to wake themselves with a hot shower, then slug back a coffee or two. By the time they’ve left the house, you wouldn’t know they’d hardly slept. I am not one of thoseContinue reading “Some People Cope Well With Exhaustion – I Am Not One Of Them”

I’m 30 Years Old! Now What?!

I have OFFICIALLY reached the new quarter-life milestone! I just hit the milestone in February. I am married to my soulmate with a baby and I am still very happy with being the typical millennial — possessing all the qualities that my generation are known to possess. As I stared at the mirror in self-pityContinue reading “I’m 30 Years Old! Now What?!”