The First Year Of Motherhood

Dear Fellow Mama In Waiting, Welcome to the mom tribe. I know how you must be feeling right now, I know because I’ve been there too. These last few weeks have felt excruciatingly long, you’re hot and exhausted and everyone keeps asking if the baby is here. It’s easy to feel not only anxious butContinue reading “The First Year Of Motherhood”

All The Pregnant Ladies – Put Your Hands Up!

(A la Beyonce) All the pregnant ladies! All the pregnant ladies.. First off, CONGRATULATIONS!!! You my friend are a fucking WARRIOR! Take a minute to let that sink in… Bask in it… Your body is preparing a remarkable thing and not in the alien popping out of your belly kind of thing. It is strong and resilient. YourContinue reading “All The Pregnant Ladies – Put Your Hands Up!”

Great Resources All Parents Should Know About!

The road to parenthood is paved with new experiences and tons of questions. Once your little one arrives the questions double. I remember feeling excited to bring baby home however I was missing the security that came with being closely monitored by nurses. Naturally I was anxious to go to our doctor whose calm demeanourContinue reading “Great Resources All Parents Should Know About!”

The Moment My Life Changed Forever

Something seems off. Different. I’m running a bit late. Could it be? NO!… I’m probably just stressed. Yeah, that’s probably it! Did the month-end already? Oh, shoot! I guess I’m catching a break. I’ll be back to normal next month. ORRR. Noooo! I can’t be! I would know. I mean, I did technically have a light flow.Continue reading “The Moment My Life Changed Forever”