Why It’s Important To Travel With Your Partner Before Marriage

Growing up, travel wasn’t done very often and when our family got around to traveling we always went to visit family. The notion of travelling somewhere where there wouldn’t be a family member waiting for us at the airport was unheard of. Whenever we traveled it served a purpose. Either to visit a sick relative,Continue reading “Why It’s Important To Travel With Your Partner Before Marriage”

Mikey’s Travels – Boston – Beantown

In the summer of 2016, my wife and I went on an adventure to Boston, Massachusetts, one of the United States of America’s oldest cities. Whether you’re wandering through revolutionary history or munching on a Boston Burger by the seaport, it’s a city that’s set to impress. MUST SEE! There’s no more quintessential a Boston experienceContinue reading “Mikey’s Travels – Boston – Beantown”

Mikey’s Travels – India – The Land Of Spices

In the early days of 2016, I found myself on one of the most rewarding adventures I’ve ever been on. India was calling… Old and new, colour and chaos, sticky cities and lush mountain ranges – India is a bustling cacophony of wonderful that blazed a trail in my memory long after I returned home.Continue reading “Mikey’s Travels – India – The Land Of Spices”

Mikey’s Travels – Egypt – The Gift Of The Nile

In 2015, I went on an adventure to the “Land of the Pharaohs”. I went for the Great Pyramids, but I never wanted to leave thanks to the captivating chaos juxtaposed against gentle days floating down the Nile. Sailing on a traditional Felucca from start to finish, this was the only way to truly step intoContinue reading “Mikey’s Travels – Egypt – The Gift Of The Nile”